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A Perfect Blend: Sumerian Brewing’s Collaboration with DeLille Cellars

In the world of brewing and winemaking, collaboration often leads to exciting and innovative creations. One of these collaborations is the partnership between Sumerian Brewing and DeLille Cellars. This unique collaboration brings together the expertise of Brewmaster Tyson Schiffner and DeLille Cellars Sauvignon Blanc barrels to create a remarkable beverage: a Sauvignon Blanc barrel-aged Pilsner. In this blog post, we delve into the details of this Woodinville collaboration and explore the exceptional qualities of this beer.

Sumerian Brewing, known for its dedication to crafting exceptional beers, joins forces with DeLille Cellars in this collaboration. The project offers an intriguing opportunity to blend the best of both worlds, combining Sumerian Brewing’s brewing mastery with DeLille Cellars’ Washington Sauvignon Blanc barrels. 

Crafting a Barrel-Aged Pilsner

To create this distinctive Sauvignon Blanc barrel-aged Pilsner, the process begins with a traditional Pilsner base brewed without hops. The primary fermentation takes place using Pilsner yeast in stainless steel tanks. However, the magic happens during the secondary fermentation, where the beer is transferred into DeLille Cellars’ Sauvignon Blanc barrels.

Through the infusion of wild strains of lactobacillus, pediococcus, and brettanomyces during the secondary barrel fermentation, the beer develops a delightful touch of sour notes. This crisp and clean Pilsner exhibits a unique character, complemented by lemongrass and citrus notes that are rounded out with mellow French oak flavors. The combination of the beer’s refreshing qualities with the influence of the wine barrels results in a truly distinctive taste profile.

The collaboration between Sumerian Brewing and DeLille Cellars represents a harmonious fusion of brewing and winemaking expertise. The Sauvignon Blanc barrel-aged Pilsner showcases the skill and creativity of Brewmaster Tyson Schiffner, who brings his wine making knowledge to the world of brewing. The result is a beer that appeals to both beer enthusiasts and wine lovers alike, with its intricate flavor profile and remarkable craftsmanship.

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Visit The Restaurant for a Taste!

The collaboration between Sumerian Brewing and DeLille Cellars introduces a unique and captivating creation to the world of craft beer. The Sauvignon Blanc barrel-aged Pilsner exemplifies the skill, creativity, and shared passion for quality that these two establishments embody. This remarkable beer, with its crisp and clean characteristics, sour notes, and delightful fusion of flavors, is a testament to the endless possibilities that emerge when two crafts come together. So raise your glass and savor the exceptional experience born from the collaboration of Sumerian Brewing and DeLille Cellars. Make a reservation at The Restaurant at DeLille Cellars or stop by Sumerian Brewing Co. in Woodinville for a taste of this creation!

About The Restaurant

At DeLille, our greatest win is seeing the joy when gathered around a table of great food, wine and company. Our philosophy of “always seeking” encompasses our pursuit of excellence in the cellar and the experiences we create for our guests.  Driven by this notion, The Restaurant at DeLille Cellars has been brought to life by our team and Executive Chef Michael C. Toni, who creates an unequaled wine-centric dining experience. Guests are treated to a house-crafted menu ranging from absolute must-try items such as nachos and roasted mushroom toast to delicious entrées including steak frites and freshly made pasta. The Deck at DeLille Cellars is a seasonal outdoor experience and beckons visitors to relish a relaxed afternoon savoring some of Washington State’s finest wine.

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