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Highland Park Scotch Dinner At The Restaurant

Wednesday, March 20th | 6:15 – 9:15 pm | The Restaurant | $150

Embark on a sophisticated journey of flavor at The Restaurant at DeLille Cellars with our exclusive Highland Park Scotch Dinner. Set in the heart of this distinguished wine locale, this evening invites you to discover the nuanced notes of Highland Park’s exceptional single malts in a refined, elegant setting.

As daylight fades, our skilled chefs will present a thoughtfully curated multi-course menu, each dish expertly paired with select expressions from Highland Park. Delight your palate with the distinct peatiness, honeyed sweetness, and intricate layers of flavor that define Highland Park Scotch.

Whether you’re a seasoned Scotch enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of single malts, this evening promises an unforgettable fusion of fine spirits and gourmet cuisine. Join us at The Restaurant at DeLille Cellars for an evening of refinement, indulgence, and the perfect blend of whisky flavors. Cheers to creating lasting memories with our Highland Park Scotch Dinner experience.

**$150 per person. $50 per person deposit required to book**

Due to the nature of this experience, no split plates or substitutions will be offered.

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