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The Perfect Pairing

with your Thanksgiving Dinner

We recommend pairing these DeLille Cellars favorites with your holiday dinner.


“Rosé offers a wonderful balance – medium weight to stand up to turkey, bright acidity to compliment the earthy flavors present in traditional side dishes. With the addition of a moderate chill, Rosé is a refreshing addition to every holiday meal.” – Director of Winemaking Jason Gorski

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Métier (now Le Dessein)

“Métier (now called Le Dessein) is my favorite red wine we make to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. The softer structure, firm acidity, herbal tones, and cranberry flavors that always come from Grenache make this wine perfect to enjoy with turkey and other classic Thanksgiving dishes. – Winemaker Nick Bernstein

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Roofline Pinot & Chardonnay

“Both our Roofline Pinot and Roofline Chardonnay are excellent options to enjoy with your Thanksgiving meal. The chardonnay offers fresh acidity and minerality, which pairs nicely with such rich and hearty food, while the Pinot provides a nice balance between earthiness, red fruits, and light to medium structure to enhance the classic flavors of Thanksgiving. These are both great wines to enjoy with friends and family over a shared meal and good conversation.”- Assistant Winemaker Mari Rossi

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